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Borlix is an important European supplier of ingredients and raw materials with added value for the feed and food industry.

To keep up with the growing demand, we continuously invest to improve our products and services.

Our Products

Above is a hand-picked selection of our finest products.

All are processed and handled with care.

Borlix offers a wide range of custom made services

Our expertise ensures controlled processing with care for quality.


Our Services

Fine milling


  • Soybean meal

  • Soy hulls

  • Linseed expeller

Client-custom granulometry

  • <500 micron

  • <200 micron

  • ...

Borlix as elevator

Storage and handling

  • Discharging coasters, barges, containers, ...

  • Loading barges, tipping trucks


Repackaging system from bigbag to bulk for all kinds of products.

Dehulling of pulses and oilseeds

Feed & food application.

Our dehulling equipment is tuned for:

  • Lupins

  • Soybeans

  • Peas

  • Horse-beans

Extrusion cooking

This process results in numerous benefits by combining:

  • The effect of steam pre-conditioning

  • Mechanical friction on the extruder


Our steam installation guarantees:

  • Inactivation of alive insects by applying steam

  • Increases the flavour of the product 

We care


"We prefer to supply our raw commodities over water instead of by road." 

Borlix cares for the planet and hereby improves process efficiency.

We care about the environment


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